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About Us

JS Doig Restoration, John Doig


John Doig founded JS Doig Restoration in the fall of 2005.  His parents were very active antique dealers as well as enthusiastic collectors, and Doig grew up in an 18th century farmhouse surrounded by the furniture for which he would find a great passion early on.  

From the age of 8 he could be found attending auctions and "picking" New England with his father, soon finding his place in the family's small restoration shop.


After completing a degree in History from the University of Connecticut, Doig felt the desire to take his passion to the next level.  He took an appreticeship job at a well renowned shop in Savannah, Georgia. There, he worked closely under a master of period reproductions, restorations and conservation.




Eventually Doig combined the skills he had learned and practiced and moved back to Connecticut.  He set up shop in Litchfield where he continued to learn and go forward, striving for excellence and pushing the boundaries for what was thought possible in his field.


Even after 10 years in Connecticut, the call of the Lowcountry never faded, and Doig made the decision to head back down to the deep south. 

Now we are very pleased to be back in the Lowcountry, and servicing clients from all over the USA.

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